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Kids can get the walls really dirty! We used an eggshell enamel paint to help hold up against the everyday wear and tear kids can put on the walls when they are having fun! More durable than traditional flat paint and also easier to clean. The bunks and trim were coated with Kel Thane II a durable and easy to use product!


Bringing the Front Doors Back to Life!

Before & After Door1Worn out and beaten up by the sun and harsh conditions on the coast. After some carful sanding, stain and two coats of a UV and water protectant sealer, we were able to bring these doors back to life!


To Paint… Or to Stain????

As if decks do not take enough punishment from the sun and weather, they also can take a beating in high traffic areas. Stains can leave a rich finish showcasing the beautiful grains in the wood. While painting is another option, it may be the more desirable approach if the deck has a worn out semi transparent or solid color wood stain.